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Summary of Restoration Work.

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1.Complete strip down of unrestored scooter.
2.Thorough structural inspection of chassis to ensure no previous damage.
3.All body components, blasted, inspected and replaced if worn or damaged.
4.Chassis powder coated plus any other optional parts. Complete re-spray to chosen colour with Pylac 3000 2K paint.
5.Choice of parts polished or chrome plated if chosen.
6.Repacement of wiring loom, 6/12 volt battery system, stop light switch (if applicable), horn and bulbs.
7.New ignition switch and immobiliser/alarm if requested (SIL,Evergreen).
8.New tyres and inner tubes (Casumina,IRC,Kenda,Bridgestone,Yokohama)
9.New brake shoes or disc pads.
10.Original seat re-upholstered and re-sprung (Dual or single saddles).
11.All new badges,trim and embellishers.
12.Engine casings bead blasted and all studs,bolts and mounts restored to original.
13.Crankshaft re-conditioned including big-end bearing,small end bearing.
14.Cylinder re-bored and new piston (GPM,Mondial,Meteor,Asso) (Conversion kits available including Polini,Pinasco,TS1,Yam/Honda)
15.New chain (Carmelia), guides and drive sprocket (if applicable).
16.New clutch assembly and plates/dividers (Surflex,MCE,Adige)
17.Gearbox re-conditioned or brand new replacement.All new shims (AF)
18.Repacement of all engine bearings (Nachi,Torrington,SBI),seals (Rolf) and gaskets.
19.New points, ignition coil (Taiwan), condenser and spark plug (NGK,Champion).
20.Replacement exhaust system.Choice of sports versions available on request.
21.All new cables and fasteners.
22.Carburettor re-conditioned and new filters. New carburettor available on request (Jetex,Arbeo,Amal,Dellorto).

23.New or re-conditioned original speedo, drives and cables.

24.A comprehensive selection of accessories fitted to order.
*Imported parts may be replaced with others of equivalent quality depending on availability.


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