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Readers Scoots


Any readers of our website who would like to include their pride and joy or fun snaps, send us a picture of not more than 500kb with a brief description, and we'll induct it into our hall of fame

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Wendy Karim's Furry Beast

Matts pepsi Lambretta UK

Paul Hargeaves Vespa Street racer / UK

Mark Brooks Silver Special RB200 / Mekong Delta tour Vietnam

Dave Breese Sx200 Jakarta

Pek and Tom MBK Rally Bangkok Thailand

Linh and her AutoBretta Saigon

Andreas Holler’s Heavily modified small frame racers/ Austria

Calle’s Sprint Soulscooter Northern Highlands / Vietnam

Miss World Italy on Pete's Li Special in Nha Trang 2009
Liberty and the gang on his Lambretta Li Special in Vancouver

Jessica on Dad's Vbb

Jessica posing on Baby blue 50 Special

Sean Wooden Skulldurrary England
The Who 240

Phillipa & James on Dads latest find a 1957 LD 125cc / Australia

TSI 235 CC

Ernst Dahlin Lambretta series 2 in Sweden

Graham's 1968 sx200
JP Special, Australia

Rasta's Submercible Machine Indonesia

Gary Powell's Grand Prix Ts1 225 / Uk

Alan Jukes Lambretta Li3

The Bangkok Racers

Dave Bresse Street Racer Jakarta

Barrie's series 2 Lambretta Uk

Series 2 - new project scoot

Paul on his Lambretta Jet 200
in Australia

Marks Lambretta twin disc racer - Uk

Nick Smiths Custom cut down Bionic Lambretta Uk

Mick Tebbs GP200 from Doncaster UK

Lambretta Tv200 Pek Bangkok

Dave and Willow on his LML Belladonna RV150/ Uk

Terry Hall's '96 Gp200 Rapido
Manchester Uk

Jason's Li2 Pattaya Thailand

Sean Skullduggary Portsmouth England-Modrapheniacs best of show and custom
lammie 2009

Jus on her Vega / Uk

Morris Lambretta Ts1 Bangkok Thailand

Gary Powell's Custom GP Ts1 225 /UK

Gary Powell's Lambretta
S type SX Ts1 225 / UK

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