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Only Available in Vietnam from SSC ,our current range includes :

Suitable for Urban Commuting / Motorcycling and Walking

Sportsta Mask

Available in Black or Camo - Price $65.00usd


The Respro Sportsta mask combines Hepa-Type filtration performance associated with sub-micron pollutants such as pollen and other irritant dusts, with a lightweight Neotex aerated mask. The Sportsta mask offers maximum ventilation without sacrificing filtration and to maximize rider performance, state of the art Powa valves are a standard feature and a must for all who ride to their limits. The Sportsta mask conforms to European Standard EN149FFP1(S) for solid aerosol particles and is usable in all outdoor sports pursuits requiring respiratory protection.


  • Low Breathing Resistance
  • Durable and Washable
  • Filters Out Exhaust Emissions and Sub-Micron Particulates
  • Fits Without Fuss & Fully Adjustable
  • Ensures Effective Seal


  • M-Biking
  • Jogging
  • Horse Riding
  • Snow Boarding
  • Motor-X
  • Skiing
  • Speed Walking
  • Climbing


  • Rapid Airflow Valve System
  • Made from Neoprene - two sizes
  • Velcro Fastening
  • Premium Grade Filtration

Techno Mask

Available in Red / Blue and Black - Price $65.00usd
The Techno Gold mask combines the Sportsta mask's Hepa-Type filtration for sub-micron pollutants with the City mask's Dynamic ACC (Activated Charcoal Cloth) filter. This combination provides increased filtration ability covering a broader spectrum of pollutants than either filter on its own. Working in combination with the Techno Gold filter, are two new Techno valves specifically designed to improve airflow performance on exhalation. With these new features, the Techno Gold mask is at the top of the range in performance and manufactured to the performance requirements of EN149FFP1(S).

Replacment Techo Filter 2 piece pack $35.00usd

Foggy Mask

Price $30.00usd
Respro® usually known for its anti pollution masks and scarves are again leading the way forward with their latest innovation, The Foggy® Breathguard. As you know, visor fogging is a major problem for all bikers and pillion riders - it would be good for car drivers too - if they could see in the first place!

Respro® have come up with a uniquely practical concept that's 99.9% effective and is superb value for money. It works with full face crash helmets, is easily fitted and once in place, never has to be removed except for the occasional machine wash. It requires no maintenance, none at all!. You simply fit it and forget it. If you are still lifting up your visor whilst stationary at traffic lights, then get a Foggy® Breathguard. NOTE: The Foggy® Breathguard cannot be used with full face helmets that flip up at the front.


  • Motorcycling
  • Road racing
  • Car racing/karting
  • Commuting
  • Snowmobiling


  • No fuss
  • No gel
  • No fog
  • No film
  • No mess


  • Soft comfortable neoprene
  • Simple application
  • Self sealing nose clip
  • One size fits all

Bandit Mask

Price $35.00usd
The Respro® Bandit™ scarf combines protection from the sand blasting effect that coarse dust carried in the wind has on the face with filtration protection against the inhalation of urban pollution - The Bandit™ incorporates our Dynamic ACC filter which is laminated between the cotton material of the scarf and is strategically placed around the breathing area. The Bandit™ has been made to last for at least six months, and with the filter being specially treated to be fully washable, it makes for a functionally convenient, comfortable product, suitable for both Summer and Winter conditions.


  • Self adjusting
  • 100% cotton
  • One size
  • Activated charcoal filter
  • Washable filter


  • Easy to fit and comfortable
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Accommodates all adults
  • Filters out city pollution
  • Lasts at least six months


  • Cycling
  • Motorcycling
  • Walking


  • Forestry
  • DIY
  • Gardening

Also available from the Respro Range :


Prices from $15.00usd
Including : Camo shapes, Reflective regualr shapes, Reflective US designs, Black Diamond and Safe helmet designs
All of the reflective stickers in this range are on an A4 sheet of Scotchlite, kiss cut to form a variety of shapes for application on to hard surfaces. Ideal for cycle and motorcycle surfaces and any other solid surface that needs visibility . We cannot recommend the use of sticker kits for application to helmets as there is no EU law governing this and the adhesives on the vinyls have not been tested. That doesn't mean to say that you cannot use them on helmets as the manufacturers specification sheets say they are usable on fibreglass. Work that one out if you can!! for further info checkout 'Brake' the road safety organisation.

The Pressure Sensitive kit is suitable for use on soft and hard surfaces and is really cool - no kidding!

Ankle Bands

Price $22.50
Respro® ankle bands are the ideal product for increasing visibility for both day and night time use. They incorporate Scotchlite™ on one side and Day-Glo yellow nylon lycra on the other side. Two Velcro™ fasteners make the product quick and easy to use and can be stored readily when not in use.


  • Fits all ankles
  • Can double up as arm bands
  • Value for money
  • Durable
  • No cracking - No fading


  • Scothlite™ material
  • Day-glow/Flo-yellow material
  • Fully washable

Hi-Viz Waistcoats

Price Adult $35.00 and NEW childrens sizes $25.00
The Respro® waistcoat combines Flo Yellow & Orange daylight visibility material with Scotchlite™ for night time visibility. Incorporated, is a reflective Sam Brown belt. It is suitable for use by cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, runners and all other people requiring hi-visibility.

Hi -viz Bag Tags

Price $12.50
The Respro® bag tags combine multi coloured daylight visibility material with Scotchlite™ for night time visibility. Easily attachable to any bag style.























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