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SSC Custom reproduction of the 1945 MP5 Paperino


The original prototype was designed by the engineer Renzo Spolti and coded the MP5 (Moto Piaggio 5) and was christened Paperino or  “Donald Duck” in English.

This original design was produced in no more than 100 scoots and is one of the most highly prized scooters by collectors the world over.

The idea for the scooter you can see here came following a visit to the Pontedera factory on a recent Italy trip.

The original idea for the PX to be used as a donor scooter came from the practicality of the new electric start engines and also its size as a daily driver rather than use a small frame as was originally intended  due to the similarity in size with the original. Also we thought the extra work needed in converting a PX would make a difficult job even more difficult!  The small frame  would have been more in line with the original size but caused more complications with the enclosed bodywork. The Px is approximately 30% larger than the original scooter and a large number of modifications had to be made to enable the classic look to be achieved but to incorporate the PX range donor scoot.

Over the course of 6 months the scooter was hand built incorporating over 500 hours work. This included widening of the legshields and welding up the indictors, rear fabricating the complete rear arch, hand working of all the side panel and central metalwork, custom made bars, 1 off horn cover, extended cables, custom cable covers, lowering of the  floor section, one off seat, handmade front mudguard and centre stand. A couple of non original design aspects had to be incorporated  including moving the central access door to the rear to enable access to the engine for carb /plug access. Also unlike the original 1 piece bodywork this has been remade using 2 side panel bolt on sections and one central bolt on section. The use of a NOS LML 5 port electric start engine meant we could also keep the lowered look of the Paperino with discarding the kick start. The electric starter is now built into the vintage stop button on the light/horn switch.  The power of the new engine also helps with pulling the extra weight!!! The original fuel tank has been retained and the original style central access door is now a storage compartment taking up the complete area between the original frame arch and steering column.

For Sale $4950.00usd / 3450.00gbp / 4400.00 Euro’s

Email : for more info.

This is currently on display at the SSC museum.


























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