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SSC Scooter Charity Run Dong Nai 2007

A good day was had by all on the 3rd Annual Saigon Scooter Centre Charity Run.

Around 65 bikes left Saigon at 10.30 am after enjoying a free breakfast at the Sesame School for Disadvantaged Children. This French-run establishment trains street kids in the service and hospitality industry.We also had the famous Vietnam war corespondent Tim Page accompanying us for the day.

We rode through the congested city streets and out into the deserted paddy fields and rubber plantations, into the fresh-aired countryside. We stopped for a delightful lunch in a traditonal restaurant on the scenic banks of the Mekong River.

Following our lunchbreak we all regrouped and left enmasse to the Hoa Mai Orphanage where we were met by 25 members of the Long Thanh Scooter Club.

Firstly, there were presentation announcements, followed by a very large, scary Santa Claus which terrified many of the younger children (they definetely had never seen an obese, bell-ringing,bearded red suited foreigner).

There was a custom show held which included a surprising variety of scoots and gymkhana involving a kid on the back of each scooter. All the kids received several presents and some fine-tasting New Zealand Ice Cream!

On returning (with fortunately no fatalities) to Saigon we all competed in an orienteering event where we had to find and collect cards. Easier said than done.

Back at Sesame in the evening a BBQ was put on and a Phillipino cover band were keeping the faith by playing some classic scootering favourites and a little Northern Soul! Trophies and raffle prizes were awarded and things started getting messy until the early hours.

Sponsors were many, the toys and gifts were numerous and the free ice-cream tasted great!

Thanks to all who attended and hope to see you again next year!

Trophies were awarded to :
Best Vespa - Nguyen Hai Vespa Super Sprint 157cc Racer
Best Lambretta - Ashley Groom Li-Special Imola street racer
Best Custom - Giang Van Minh Series 3 Lambretta "Alien"
Best Classic Bike - Ian Pegg Triumph 650cc
Oldest Scooter - Mobilette Long Thanh Scooter Club
Most Original - Pat Joynt Lambretta series 3 Lda 150cc
Worst Scooter -Vu Ngoc Anh Vespa Super
Gymkhana Winner - Miss Giang

Sponsored by:

* Furama Resort Danang * Unavailable * X Cream * Teddy House * TQPR * Guava Bar * SSC * AF Rayspeed * Bedlam Scooters * Zoom Cafe * Shamrock Bar * Cineplex * Highway 4 * Indopride * K1 Fitness * Rebanded * Maxi Trailers * Segway * Lambretta Club Vietnam*

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