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Cu Chi Charity Run 2006 AGENT ORANGE RALLY


Saigon Scooter Centre last month raised $4,000 in cash adn kind for the Cu Chi Red Cross office'es effort to support 500 families affected by Agent Orange. This was the second annual Vung Tau charity run.

More than 75 scooters and classic bikes made the trip to Cu Chi, where donations of food and money were distributed to the needinest families. The event was supported by a great many sponsors, including resorts as far away as Thailand (in Krabi, Phuket and Koh Chang) and local sponsors including the Caravelle Hotel, the Riverside Renaissance Hotel, AB Promotions, Princess, D'Annam resorts, the Shammrock Bar, the Guava Bar, the Park Hyatt hotel, Texas BBQ.

The centre also held a raffle and sold T-shirts and hats to raise extra funds.It also arranged a custom show with prizes for the best Vespa and Lambretta, the best custom and best classic mortobikes, with prizes and tripies for each category.

The day ended with a barbecue in HCMC, at the Boeing Restaurant in Tan Binh district, where more than 100 local, overseas Vietnamese and expats, plus a number of scooter drivers from Thailand and Korea, turened up.

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