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The 1st Thailand Scooter Jamboree - November 1/2 2008 Muaklek Saraburi

Bags packed and a short hop from Saigon to Bangkok saw a rainy start to the 1st ever Thailand Scooter Jamboree to be held about 200km's north of Bangkok at Muaklek in Saraburi province. International jetsetters included myself, Mark, Hamish and French Paul along with Marcello and Kate from Casa Scandinavia who we were to meet up with later that day. The night before saw hectic packing of the truck and parts , good steak and more than a few beers at Marcello's favorite German Brewery resulting in a much later than planned finish and a night of dodging ladyboys.... Paul your secret is safe with us!

Soar heads and up before the sun on Saturday morning to get to Morris's house for coffee by 6.30am and to pick up the scooters. Already sorted and waiting for us were a nice p200, px150 and a Cosa along with the Ts1 that Marcello drew trump card for. A short 30km drive through central Bangkok which was deserted for the first time and north to the meeting point on the outskirts of the city. By the time we arrived there were already about 200 scooters waiting so it was time for more coffee before a departure at 10.00am. Not alone there we spotted another couple of Brits who were living and working over in Bangkok Nathan and John.

We were asked to lead the convoy and start the run and the chequered flag came down and we were off to destination Muaklek town led all the way with a well organized police escort. After underestimating the fuel consumption on the standard p200 (with undisclosed malossi kit) the low fuel light came on so time to fill up. The guys waited but by the time we got back on highway no sign of the convoy. Ten kilometers later still no scooters so we pulled over. No idea where we going, none of us who could speak Thai (apart from being able to ask for 4 beers) and no map! Lone behold a solitary 50 Special zips past which we chase and flag down then with a combination of grunts and sign language we're back on track led at high speed led by our new friend and his bog standard 50. Only 150km's to go!
A beautiful drive on good roads with courteous drives which makes a change in Asia we managed once again to shoot past the turn off but finally made it to the Camp site by 2.30pm. Registration took place with a goodie pack of t-shirt, banner, stickers and patch with a ticket price of only 5quid and this also included free camping ,dinner on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday!

Saturday night saw the arrival of Dave from West Java scooters and an auction on stage to raise money for a local school. Music and dancing until the early hours then back to the mosquito infested bungalows for a late night party.

Sunday morning was another early start with the custom show supposed to be starting at the ungodly hour of 7.00am. Bleary eyes we all struggled over to find that it wasn't due to start until 9.00am and that we were judging it. All in all about 20 scooters entered and a high standard of well restored and custom scooters on display. Categories included Best Vespa, Best Lambretta, Best Mod scooters, Most Original and Best Custom. If anybody wonders were all Europe's original accessories went - it's here.

With a 10.00am departure and another awesome drive through the mountains and vine yards we made a last stop at the local school. Lunch was provided and a final auction was held and a presentation ceremony for those who helped and sponsored the event. In total 52,000 baht had been raised (900.00pounds). With a leisurely afternoon drive back we hit Bangkok on our own after getting lost half a dozen times just in time for rush hour chaos. After a 3 hour city circular we finally made it back to Morris's place and headed for a few well earned beers and a night on the town.
All in all a very well organised scooter rally with a turn out of over 1000 scooters and plans are already on the go for next years event. Thanks to Morris for the scooters, Pek and Tom for helping out with the parts, Marcello for the "I'd rather push a Lambretta than ride a Vespa" lesson and to the hospitality of all the Thai clubs that looked after us and made it one of the best Asian scooter events we'd all been to.

Custom Show winners :

Best custom Vespa : 90 ss Thundercat
Best orignal Vespa : Vbb 1964 blue from Chonburi
Best Vespa : Gs mark 2 1963 red from Remy from France he live in BKK .
Best custom lambretta : Blue Lambretta 250 cc from Ayutthaya suzuki yz 250 and liquid cooled
Best original Lambretta : Li 150 series 2 from BKk original paint
Best lambretta ; Li 150 series 1 from D2W Scooter club BKK

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