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    Ebretta and VTronic Electric Scooters.    


New from SSC the Innovative Ebretta and VTronic Electric Scooters.



All new electric conversions for classic scooters Our introductory range includes a large frame Vespa conversion The VTronic and our custom built Lambretta Replica The EBretta



The power is supplied by a brushless 13" motor which generates 3kW. This will generate a torque of 180 Nm, which translates to a top speed of over 60 kmph (roughly 40 mph). While this might, at first seem less than impressive these are perfect for around town and daily commuting, with the engine having enough torque to accelerate uphill and carry a 'larger person'.

The Mk1 Version has a total of 16 , Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells. Lithium Iron Phosphate battery cells are lighter and hold more charge than traditional lead acid or silicone batteries, and are safer than lithium ion batteries. The batteries are protected by a top of the range controller unit and a Battery Management System that monitors battery levels and prevents over charging. The charge time is approx. 3 hours, and the run time, which will vary due to driving conditions, "easily exceeds" 40 km on a full charge which most commuters don’t exceed on a daily basis.



The new Mk2 VTronic and Ebretta improvements are numerous. The battery system now includes an integrated PMC unlike the prototype which involved extensive electrical engineering. The cells are both smaller and more powerful. The old style voltmeter has been replaced with a SevCon digital display unit and the settings can now be changed directly through the controller rather than by PC link up. The addition of a DC converter also means standard lighting can be used although we’ve upgraded all new systems to LED lighting units. The same large lithium batteries that power the motor can power the lighting and signals.

We are looking into adding accessories that allow you to charge your phone, tablet, or laptop while you drive… Our first production models will be available for delivery in August this year. Order now!


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