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    BUZZ Escooters.    

Saigon Scooter Centre presents the new range of BUZZ Escooters.

Saigon Scooter Centre preents the new range of BUZZ Escooters.

Finally viable electric transportation has arrived. The world will be a better, cleaner and quieter place as a result.

Many pioneering companies are carving their niche in this exciting new industry. Cars, trucks, boats planes and motorcycles are either now available and in production, or are in the late stages of development.

Battery, charging and solar technology are developing and changing so quickly We are right on the cusp of a revolution.

Elon Musk with his world changing Tesla cars started this revolution. Tesla have proven cars can be desirable, useful, beautiful, super fast and practical.

When it comes to electric vehicles most people suffer with range anxiety, which is a worry that you will run out of electricity and be stranded. However, these days with fast charging, super charging, wireless charging, solar charging not to mention long ranges of vehicles range anxiety is a thing of the past.

For many years, We have been developing and building electric scooters on a small scale for almost 10 years, more for our own education and interest than anything else. Our previous designs have been based around converting classic Italian scooters which were branded as VTronic and EBretta. We firmly believe now is the right time to step into series production for affordable quality electric scooters and motorcycles.

The ethos behind our Buzz 1 model is based upon our passion. We have drawn inspiration aesthetically from designs of 50+ years ago Automotive design has lost some of its freedom over the years as manufacturing techniques have changed and mechanical packaging of fossil fueled vehicles have standardized. Identities of vehicles are not so pronounced or different from those offered by other manufacturers, for example: a 2016 BMW does not look dissimilar to a Hyundai.

One of the wonderful attributes of electric vehicles is the freedom of design available. There is no longer the need to have a fuel tank, an engine, a gearbox, a drive train an exhaust system, and a cooling system all of which take up a lot of space and the placement of these systems is not so flexible.

Whilst we have nodded in respect to designs past- we firmly gaze forward in terms of technology and connectivity. The end result is a retro modern design which has an innate beauty and simplicity.

Specs :
Bodywork : These are Super-strong Vinylester weather and corrosion proof Glass Fibre GRP body-shell with a steel tubular chassis.
Motor options : Brushless hub motors. Our initial production will concentrate on 1000/1200 and 3000w motor options. To order possibly in the future we will also offer our 5000w motor option.
Weight 82kg
Full charge 6 hours
Fast charge 80% 12 minutes
Optional 50w solar panels 8 hours = +30km's

1000w 55kmph
2000w 80kmph
3000w 90kmph
5000w 120kmph 0-100 4 seconds

The latest high tech lithium-ion polymer batteries

Regenerative electric braking and hydraulic disk braking. This means when you brake, the REB system recharges your batteries.

Lightweight (82 kg) compare to a Honda Wave (115kg) or a Piaggio (125 kg).

Removable roof system with 50w solar panels to recharge your battery while parked and in transit. Optional 50w solar roof system providing up to 30km range per day of range (based upon solar charging of 8 hours). Most city commutes are less than 30kms per day, you can enjoy transportation powered for free by the sun!

BUZZ can be recharged from any home power outlet. as with all electric vehicles you have charging choices. from a slow 6 hour (overnight) charge to the ability to use a Fast charging system (to 80% capacity) takes 12 minutes.

We are exploring Wireless charging which will soon be available. You park and the scooter is automatically topped up every night, so you always start the day with a full battery. The range of travel per charge is dependant on motor and battery choice. Currently our maximum range is 200+ km, however new graphene batteries with 400km + range will hopefully be available shortly. Single battery model range is approx 100km's.

Wheel Size 11" /12"
Shock type Mono shock suspension
Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear

We are currently negotiating with a number of interested parties for International distribution. Please let us know your background, business interests and brands which you are currently distributing. We intend to appoint sole National distributors (Exception of USA with regional) . Also please let us know any specific requirements for your region and more info on local homologation.

What you see here today are prototypes this is not our finished design. We are working hard on this right at this point. The production model will morph into a more modern take on this classic shape.We are now gearing up for large scale production.

Please check back over the coming weeks for updates on Buzz v2 models , specifications and photographs as and when we have the chance to upload them. We are finalising the new v2 assembly now which will be the production model. Although the design is very similar improvements have been made to under floor battery placement with the option of a twin battery set up, revised mono shock rear suspension, redesigned handlebar assembly , reverse gear options and increased storage space and new seat design options.

In the future we are also looking into a Lambretta based design and removable battery systems and connectivity to your smart phone

BUZZ scooters are fully future-proofed. Unlike other electric vehicles, our bikes have been designed with future upgrades in mind and the BUZZ can be easily upgrade with the latest batteries or motors as technology improves.

British engineered in Vietnam. Coming soon in early 2018, pre-orders available shortly

Interested National distributors please contact us for more info - Tel / Whatsapp / Viber / Line +84903013690 or Email: Viewing and test driving by appointment.

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